Future-Proof Folk

A new 6-episode podcast in which we chat with the people behind some of the most exciting new initiatives in folk music.                     

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Episode 6: Lucy Wright and 21st Century Art

In this episode we chat with artist and researcher Lucy Wright, discussing her new book on 21st Century Folk Art, and digging down into what 'folk' really means today. Get your hands on Lucy's book at her website.

Episode 5: Matthew Bannister and Folk On Foot

Broadcaster Matthew Bannister discusses his podcast, Folk On Foot, along with his time at Radio 1, and bringing new audiences into the folk scene.

Episode 4: Zoë Wren and beginning a music career

This week we return to some of the issues raised so far on the podcast to find out more about how they are affecting musicians at the beginning of their career. Folk singer and songwriter Zoë Wren tells us about her practice and career, her experience of music growing up as well as discussing the bigger issues facing young musicians in the folk scene today.

Episode 3: Rachel Newton and Trad Reclaimed

As well as being a very successful performer, Rachel Newton is a strong advocate of increased diversity within the folk music world, and is curating Trad Reclaimed: Women in Folk at Kings Place in London (15–17 March) to address some of the questions around that topic. In this episode we chat about the series itself, the experience of being a performing musician and diversity within the folk scene more widely.

Episode 2: Tom Besford and English Folk Expo

This week, we chat with Tom Besford, Chief Executive of English Folk Expo, one of the most important folk music industry events in the UK. We also discuss what "folk" even means, the notion of heritage and the positioning of the industry in our culture.

Episode 1: Sarah Jones and the National Youth Folk Ensemble

In the first episode, we chat with Sarah Jones about the National Youth Folk Ensemble, a programme developing the next generation of folk musicians and educators. We also discuss music education today, festivals, folk clubs and more.